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About the Speaker Series & Conference

SynCell2021 will focus on bottom-up synthetic biology* and will firmly establish the state-of-the-art of and grand challenges and opportunities for synthetic cell technology.

The SynCell team has partnered with the Build-a-Cell network to present a weekly speaker series beginning in March of 2021 which will culminate in a 3-day conference May 18-20, 2021. Both the speaker series and conference feature world leaders in synthetic cell technology from premier US and international institutions as well as aspiring young researchers in this emerging research area.

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Samples of data related to synthetic cell technology

*As opposed to top-down synthetic biology which typically involves complex genetic and metabolic modification of pre-existing live cells, bottom-up synthetic biology starts with non living matter (biologically derived or otherwise) and aims to achieve complex materials with cell-like functionality. “This strategy has successfully been used to reveal the biological role of individual proteins and may one day result in the first truly synthetic living cell without biological ancestry.” (Göpfrich et al.Trends in Biotech. 2018,36,938.)